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How to Correct Select and Use the SAE Adapter O'Ring Seal?

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The two basic structures of the SAE Adapter O'Ring Seal

One structure is made up of a SAE adapter, o-rings and tube, and the tube and steel pipe are welding connection, which is the basic structure, the need to ensure the quality of welding. Another structure is composed of a hydraulic adapter, o-rings, nuts, bushes, and the tube is flanging to 90 degrees.

1. O-ring seal is suitable for high pressure systems, such as an O-ring of N90 hardness, it has a better seal effect and is more effective to prevent leakage. Due to the use of O-ring seal, so the work temperature is affected by the O-ring material.

2. O-ring seal adapter threads include metric thread and American ORFS thread.

3. The best structure of the o-ring seal groove should be able to maintain the O-rings not falling when installing or placing upside down; easy to install; O-ring will not be sucked into oil when in the negative pressure.

China SAE Adapter O'Ring Seal

Common causes of leakages

1 O-ring is not correctly placed in the O-ring groove

2 O-ring is damaged or corrupted

3 Adapter seal surface, tube or flange has pits or other defects effect sealing

4 Flanging is too large or too small to suppress the O-ring

5 O-ring material is not available for the operating temperature

6 O-ring hardness is not enough

7 the coupling nut is loose

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