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Precautions to Solder Rigid Copper Pipes Together

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Rigid copper pipe is used mostly for hot and cold water lines within the house. There are two ways to connect copper pipes together. The first is to solder the pipes together. The second is the use of compression fittings, such as China welding adapter. Soldered fittings are much less expensive then the compression, but take a little more work to make a leak free joint.

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1. When you solder copper pipes, the first thing is to clean the ends that you are going to solder together, then flux is applied to both the pipe and the fitting you are connecting to it.

2. The pieces are placed together, and heat is applied to the union with a propane torch.

3. When the union is heated enough, solder is applied to the joint, the solder is sucked into the joint, sealing the two pieces together.

4. NO WATER should be in the line, or the joint will leak. And once a joint leaks , it needs to replace the fitting and starting over.

5. Be careful of using any heat source inside the house, especially using with the torch in tight spaces. It might be a good idea to have a fire extinguisher handy.

Compression fittings do not require heat. To make up a fitting using a compression fitting, start by cutting the inlet pipe to length.

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