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How to Remove Clogging Substances in Fuel Pipes?

Time:2016-06-16 Author:

After a long time use of the oil feeder, lots of grease stains adhering to the inner wall of the oil feed pipe lead to the blockage. The method to solve this problem is to loose the O-ring face seal fitting of oil feed pipe, after testing which place blocks, then to remove this part of tubing and put it into the firebox, until heating the grease to melt, cleaning up the grease waste inside the pipe by water, finally to load the adapter fitting on. While in the heating process, the strong fire could burn the oil feed pipe, so it must not rashly heat the pipe as to prevent the pipe breaking.

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When the tubing blocked, closing the steam valve and auxiliary steam valve, oil valve, water valve and adjusting valve, at the same times, opening the oil draining pipe to drain out the oil inside the oil feeder, to loose tubing plug and get fluent the pipe using the iron wire. Opening a larger pipe plug, as well as the steam valve and auxiliary steam valve, water valve, in order to thoroughly blow out grease wastes remaining inside the oil feeder through the oil draining plug.

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