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What’s the Difference Between the SAE Adapter NPTF and SAE Adapter NPT?

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SAE Adapter NPT is a short name of National (American) Pipe Thread, which belongs to American standard 60-degree tapered pipe thread. SAE Adapter NPT thread is classified into the general sealed cylindrical pipe thread and the general sealed cone pipe thread. It needs to add with a sealed packing when in use.

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SAE Adapter NPTF is the US-made dry sealed tapered pipe thread, it also belongs to the US standard 60-degree tapered pipe thread, and is widely used in North America. SAE Adapter NPTF completely depends on the thread itself to form a seal without any sealing medium between the threads.

In general, NPTF tooth profile accuracy is higher than the NPT’s, without any packing material, it completely relies on the thread itself to form a seal. Dryseal pipe thread provides a more stringent tolerance, it is a precision thread and only used in special occasions. This thread has a higher strength and better sealing, the use of this thread on a brittle material with a thin section can reduce the fracture. There is no gap between the internal or external thread tooth top and the bottom, which is the interference fit, but, NPT thread is the transition fit. China SAE Adapter NPTF thread is mainly used in high temperature and pressure places of the strict seal requirements.

NPTF taps are available in tapping NPT threads, but NPT taps can not be used with SAE Adapter NPTF Products, because the threads they made will cause leakage. NPT has both right-hand and left-hand threads, while NPTF has only one right-hand thread.

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