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What’s the Nominal Pressure of China Hydraulic Adapters?

Time:2017-08-25 Author:

In the selection of China Hydraulic Adapters, it should know its nominal pressure. Nominal pressure is a specification parameter and is numerically equal to the maximum working pressure of the system. According to DIN3859-3 (ISO19879), the maximum working pressure has to meet the 4 times of the static insurance parameters and 1.33 times of the dynamic insurance factor, that is, through the blasting test to detect the burst pressure divided by 4, the maximum pulse pressure divided by 1.33, take the lower values and defined as the maximum working pressures.

China hydraulic adapter

When selecting China Hydraulic Adapters, the maximum working pressure of each joint at least is equal to the maximum set working pressure of the whole hydraulic system in a working state. Do not only consider the outlet pressure of the pump, but also take account into the relief valve startup pressure. Therefore, in the design of complex hydraulic pipeline, the practice pressure is best to achieve by site measurement. The system work pressure has been set, then to check the maximum working pressure of each pipe adapter.

The maximum working pressure of the China hydraulic fitting can vary depending on the sealing method or the temperature: for the same pipe joints, the elastic seal selected will get a higher working pressure than the rigid seal.

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