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Which Materials Are Most Suitable to Make Left Ferrules?

Time:2016-11-30 Author:

The materials of brass, aluminum and stainless steel can be used to produce all types of ferrules. We can find the common brass left ferrule, aluminum left ferrule or stainless steel left ferrule on the market. These ferrules usually appeared in the China hydraulic fitting or couplings for attachments of pipe work in the plumbing industry, because the ferrules will have a male and female fitting to create a solid seal. Due to their different metal properties, those ferrules made of distinct materials are suitable to specific hose applications.

China left ferrule

1. Steel left ferrules on automotive hoses

2. Brass ferrules on water heater hoses

3. Aluminum ferrules on fire extinguisher hoses

You may also find brass China left ferrules on welding hoses and steel ferrules as hydraulic hose fitting on hydraulic hose systems. If you master the keys: What the hose will be used for, the length of the hose, and the size of the ferrule, you will be easier to decide on the type of metal to use when manufacturing hoses.

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