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The Work Principles for Dynamic and Static Hydraulic Seals

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Hydraulic seals for hydraulic hose fittings are commonly grouped in two types, namely dynamic and static seal, the principle of work orbits based on the same properties.

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Dynamic hydraulic seal

The dynamic hydraulic seal for the hydraulic adapter is fitted onto the inner hydraulic cylinder shaft and is conveniently sealed against the outer cylinder case. When the hydraulic fluid streams into the hydraulic cylinder, a high pressure is created inside the system that is only wielded by a hydraulic seal.

Static hydraulic seal

The static-type of seal is a non-moving seal and is fitted within the groove of the system. Due to its stationary mounting design, this type of seal has a lot of capacity to withstand a huge amount of pressure. On the other hand, a dynamic seal is used in the inner shaft of the cylinder and can withstand movement against its inner opening.

Hydraulic seals for SAE adapter fittings play an important role in preventing the leaking of hydraulic fluids and rules out the need to replace or rebuild a damaged cylinder, they are indispensable hydraulic parts.

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