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Six Methods to Minimize Hydraulic Hose Leaks

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Hose leakage risks always exist in hydraulics, the results of leakage can bring additional costs in oil loss and leaks, and you also need to face the follow-up hazards in system. The leakage mostly happened in failed China hydraulic fittings, it can be hazardous under pressure so that you need to ensure that you take all measures to minimize hydraulic hose leaks. There is always something you can do to prevent the hose leakage.

China hydraulic fittings

Proper assembly

Most of the times, poor assembling will lead to issues especially when there is pressure applied. Pay attention to crimp diameter and insertion depth when assembling, they are the weak points.

Correct hose and match the hydraulic hose fittings

The hose brand and series should always be matched with the China standard hose fitting that you get. There are so many kinds of hose fittings and they are made from different materials and you can always get the perfect match for the hose that you have. Ensure that you get the perfect combination so that the hose and the fittings are compatible and together form a strong unit.

Proper hose length

If the hose is not long enough, the result is to create mechanical stretches on the hose and this leads to stress reinforcements. When you have additional length to your hose, you end up exposing it to getting caught on any machine moving parts, therefore, it is essential that always ensuring that you have the right hose length.

Consider orientation angles

If you have SAE adapter JIC 37° hose fittings on the hose ends, then they need to be aligned correctly for the ports intended to be used, because those incorrect alignments are possible to increase torque pressure that can lead to hose failure. Apart from this, the natural hose bending ability is another factor can be greatly affected by misaligned end fitting angles.

Match the hose to the application

Try some types of SAE adapter fittings if you cannot make sure which one is suitable, because only the right hose for the right job so that everything falls into place and you are able to get the perfect fit. Consider regulatory compliance and high and low impulse cycles as well when choosing the hose for your application.

Check temperature adaptability of the hose

Hoses can be affected by the temperature of what they contain within them and the ambient temperatures they are exposed to. In some cases, you need to go for stainless steel, such as SAE stainless steel adapter for extremely high temperatures. While, some special hoses that are designed for low temperatures for use in refrigerated warehouses and cold climates.

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