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How to Easy Identify Hydraulic Adapter/Fitting Threads?

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It is not simple to identify different types of hydraulic systems, China hydraulic adapters, hydraulic hose fittings, and sealing methods. The plumbers or shop servicers often tell new users about some basics to distinguish thread forms, so to make sure that they are picking the right replacement part if making repairs or perhaps performing regular maintenance.

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Check if the China hydraulic adapter is male or female

This is indeed the easiest identification step because all you have to do is to locate the thread. Those with threads on the outside are males whereas those with the threads on the inside of the hex nut are female fittings.

Determine if it is parallel or tapered

Parallel threads are the same diameter from end to end whereas the diameter of tapered threads will get smaller towards the end of the fitting. Often using a caliper to identify them.

Decipher the pitch

This can be done by measuring how many crests are in an inch of thread or measuring from one crest of the thread to the next crest. To be sure, consider measuring multiple pitches.

Know the thread size

The size of the pipe threads can be determined by measuring the outer diameter and comparing it with the profile. And this means by subtracting ¼ inch. But for non-pipe threads, the size can be determined by measuring the outer diameter with a caliper.

Define the thread based on the information you know

Users can list a thread by the type or the size of the thread.

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