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Why to Choose Steel Hydraulic Hose Fitting?

Time:2017-07-19 Author:

The steel material is recognized as the hard and durable metal, it has been one of the most commonly used materials for industrial piping, hydraulic hose fitting and other types of construction.

hydraulic hose fitting

Steel itself is iron-carbon alloy, added with other materials like silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and so on, this nature property allows the steel being malleable. Therefore, with the addition of carbon, the hardness will up to a higher level, also the heat treatment process ensure increasing steel strength while not altering the shape. This has made carbon steel pipe fittings, valves and pipes some of the most durable industrial piping products available. For companies interested in increasing the strength of their pipes, the hydraulic hose fitting supplier is capable to produce these pipes.

Carbon steel hydraulic hose fitting can endure environmental change, prevent acid and alkaline chemical corrosion. In terms of their applications, hydraulic hose fitting is great for household usage, they can carry water, oil, steam and even flammable gasses. Due to the rust-resistant performance, hydraulic hose fitting is much less cleaning and longevity for the pipes. Other uses for carbon steel pipes include shipbuilding, industrial construction and electric-power plants.

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