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Why Use Pneumatic Air Fittings to Fix China Hydraulic Adapters?

Time:2017-07-31 Author:

Pneumatic air fittings, because of more power and torque generated, are commonly used to connect a hose assembly or pneumatic component to a port or China hydraulic adapter. They are manufactured with a high degree of quality and precision in order to meet and often exceed the many stringent industrial quality requirements in place, including SAE, ISO, JIS, DOT, and DIN standards.

China hydraulic adapter

Because pneumatic fittings are in charge of timely directing the proper amount of compressed air where it needs to go, choosing the right fitting is required. This leads to an extremely wide variety of sizes and shapes. These often include everything from straight fittings and elbow fittings to more complex cross fittings, branch fittings, valves, such as the 90°elbow SAE adapter JIC 37°, tee SAE Adapter JIC 37°or other angles.

Besides being classified by their general shape or function, air fittings are identified by those approaches, for example their compression style, how they connect, their material make-up, and how they are "barbed". All of these various factors must be considered when new air fittings are being selected to ensure the best possible connection and long-term performance.

Today, types of pneumatic equipment cover applications ranging from assembly to construction, and include tools such as impact wrenches, air grippers, and jackhammers.

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