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Three Hydraulic Flange Types for the Welding of Pipes

Time:2017-06-02 Author:

There are three China flange adapter types including PL Flange, Slip On Flange and Weld Neck Flange used in the connection of pipes.

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1. PL Flange: As the China flange adapter directly welding on the steel pipe by the copper flange joint processing technology, the flange ring is prone to deformation under the force in the operation. PL Flange is suitable for low-pressure applications.

2. Slip On Flange: Due to the addition of a short flange neck, its thickness increases the stiffness of the flange, thus greatly reducing the chance of flange deformation. This is applicable to medium and low pressure occasions.

3. Weld Neck Flange, also known as high-neck flange, there has a long and slanting high neck between the welding joint and the flange plate, the neck wall thickness gradual transform into the pipe wall thickness along the height direction, which improves stress discontinuity and hydraulic flange joint standard, thus increasing the flange strength.

The Weld Neck Flange is mainly used in harsh conditions, such as in cases that pipe thermal expansion or other loads cause the extra flange stress, occasions where stress changes repeatedly, pipelines having big pressure and temperature fluctuations, and pipelines in high/low temperature or high pressure.

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