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Mechanical Methods for Connecting Tubes Together

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Flared adapters

The end of the tube is flared with a tool and then contained within a nut, sleeve and body. Flared fittings like SAE stainless steel adapter JIC 37° flare can be used in oil, water, gas, non-corrosive or corrosive media, and require the more flexible specifications of connecting tubes. After welding with the tube, due to the features of reliable connection and good sealing performance, they are also widely adopted in the refining, chemical, light industry, textile, national defense, metallurgy, aviation, ship and other systems, as well as suitable for all kinds of mechanical engineering, machine tools and other hydraulic transmission pipelines.

SAE Stainless Steel Adapter

Metric thread bite type tube fittings

1. Single ferrule fittings, the ends of the tube are placed into a fitting with a single compression ring, a body and nut.

2. Double ferrule fittings/ twin ferrule fitting, the ends of the tube are placed into a fitting with two separate compression rings(the two rings are of different shape and length), body and nut.

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